“Sons of Odin” sent home by the police in Drammen

DRAMMEN. "Soldiers of Odin" Photo: Heiko Junge / NTB scanpix
The police made it clear to the members of the “Sons of Odin” that they were  not wanted when they tried to patrol the streets of  Drammen on Saturday night.
At 21.30 pm on Saturday  members of the group gathered at the Ypsilon Bridge in Drammen. Six uniformed policemen also came to the meeting place, the local newspaper Drammens Tidende writes.
According to the newspaper the police gave a clear message that the group’s activities are not wanted in the city. They asked the Sons of Odin to go home and threatened them with arrest and fines.
– They had announced that they would start patrolling at 21.30 pm. They were stopped by the police and told that they were not allowed  to go vigilante. They were no more than five persons. They should be home by now,  operation leader Erik Gunnerod in South-Eastern Police District said  to the newspaper VG.
Sons of Odins are one of three newly created groups, who by their own account will patrol to keep the streets safe, which has gained them national attention in recent weeks. The other is Soldiers of Odin, who started first, and Soldiers of Allaah.
The police in Oslo, Vestfold, Ostfold or Rogaland  have not received any reports of members of Soldiers of Odin or Sons of Odin in the streets on Saturday night, writes VG.
Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today