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Økokrim creates task force that will fight crime in Norway linked to the war in Ukraine

Photo: Ole Berg-Rusten / NTB

Økokrim will employ 15 temporary workers and establish a task force called “Operation Ukraine” to crack down on crime in Norway that can be linked to the war in Ukraine.

“Do you want to contribute to the fight against crime that may arise in the wake of the war in Ukraine?”, Økokrim asks in the job advertisement that was published this week. 

Fifteen 6-month-long positions are created, and Økokrim chief Pål Lønseth tells E24 that an additional grant has been received from the government for this purpose.

“So far, we have seen several examples of work-related crime that can be linked to the invasion,” Lønseth said.

The head of Økokrim believes that crime will increase in scope.

“It is important for us to strengthen capacity as soon as possible,” Lønseth said, adding that there will be an “ongoing dialogue” about more funding next year.

Source : © NTB Scanpix / #Norway Today / #NorwayTodayNews

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1 Comment on "Økokrim creates task force that will fight crime in Norway linked to the war in Ukraine"

  1. What these crimes are is explained in the previous Norway Today article at

    Meanwhile, much has happened regarding the war, some very hopeful.

    Senior – tomorrow! 99 years old – American diplomat and Nobel Peace Prize winner Henry Kissinger has caused a media explosion, urging Kyiv to accept territorial losses, so there can be an end to the war! In the fair treaty which Biden&Blinken, European leaders, and Kyiv opposed, that could have avoided this tragedy/holocaust entirely.

    Volodymyr Zelensky has of course rejected Henry’s wisdom, while one of his officials has done so obscenely.
    (Lots of thuggery in Ukraine. At least a few years ago, fistfights in its parliament were not uncommon, and then a couple months ago moderate negotiator Denis Kireev was accused of being “Russian intelligence” and murdered in the streets by the Ukrainian SBU security police.)

    Kyiv has now claimed that it held a survey in which 82% of Ukrainians want no territorial concession/compromise, but the people in the Russian-occupied eastern provinces and newly occupied area south of the Dnieper and along the Sea of Azov should each have their *own* internationally (and that means not just European/Western) supervised self-determination referendums to decide for themselves.

    And in the Asia Pacific, countries there refused to go along with our demand for them to pass anti-Russian resolutions in their ASEAN and APEC conferences, so at the latter we and a very few of our allies staged a walkout – tantrum – against the Russian delegate having the freedom to speak. This diplomatic self-inflicted-wound embarrassed and disrespected the others at APEC – our delegates then desperately tried to claim we “support” APEC – and then Joe Biden escalated the confrontation about Taiwan – staff back in Washington immediately trying to talk that back – leaving us looking recklessly militaristic and China by contrast moderate and rational.

    And in Washington Post, the publisher of leftist-progressive The Nation Katrina vanden Heuvel has come out asking for a real and long overdue public and Congressional debate about us/America pushing the war (instead of peace). This is urgent: in his explosive remarks, Henry said he thinks we have only a 2-month window of opportunity to end the war.

    Meanwhile, Britain and Lithuania are talking themselves up to try to break the Russians’ naval blockade to get Ukrainian wheat shipments moving again and avert famine breaking out in some countries. The waters between Guadalcanal and Tulagi became known as Iron Bottom Sound, because of all the sunken ships on its bottom. If the Royal Navy and Lithuanian navy do try this, the Black Sea could become known as the Iron Bottom SEA.

    And meanwhile, the war inflation is killing Western and third world economies.

    And meanwhile, civil defense? Sivillforsvars i Norge??

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