Older people should be allowed to drive without a health certificate until they are 80 years old

Photo: Gorm Kallestad / NTB scanpix

The Directorate of Health and the Directorate of Public Roads proposes that older people may continue to drive a car until they reach the age of 80 before they need a health certificate from their GP to get the driver’s license renewed.

In April last year, a working group from the Directorate of Health and the Directorate of Public Roads got the assignment of looking at the current scheme for the elderly who will renew the driver’s license. The clients were the Ministry of Transport and Communications and the Ministry of Health and Care Services. Now the group recommends that the age limit for health certificate be raised from 75 to 80 years, writes VG.

“We are living longer and are healthier longer. I will now, together with my colleague in the Ministry of Transport and Communications, go through the report carefully to see what we are leaning on,” says Åse Michaelsen, Senior Minister of Public Health and Public Health (Frp).

It is recommended in the letter from the Directorate of Public Roads that the development be followed closely, so that changes can possibly be made, both if the experience says that road safety is weakening or that public health is further improved.

“We want to give older drivers a simpler everyday life and at the same time release the capacity of the GPs,” says Michaelsen.

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