One ton Greenland shark caught by Swede

Greenland shark fishing norwayBig Shark. Photo:

Huge Greenland shark caught in Nordland

The Swede Mikael Åkesson caught a Greenland shark weighing more than one metric ton in Andfjorden in Nordland this weekend. The fish is the third largest ever caught with a fishing rod. The shark beat the one we reported about yesterday by a “country mile”


According to the Hooked website, the Swede spent an hour and a half fighting against the shark, that was caught at 500 metres depth.

It measured 406 centimetres from snout to tail. Greenland sharks that are caught with a rod are measured while still in the water. They are then released back into the ocean. A table is used to estimate the weight of the fish with high accuracy. The estimated result was 1054.7 kgs.

Allowed to swim on

The fish was allowed to swim on relatively undamaged after being measured.

– This the Greenland Shark is resilient to, as they do not posses a swim bladder and therefore do not get hurt by changes in pressure, writes Hooked.

The world record of fish caught with a rod is held by Alfred Dean, who caught a 1,208 kgs whale shark in Australia in 1959. After Dean follows Norwegian Asgeir Alvestad catch of a 1.099 kgs Greenland shark in Nedstrandsfjorden in Rogaland in 2013.

Åkesson’s shark is ranked third on the list. The fisherman has requested not to be contacted before he is done fishing.

Slow and lucid

Greenland sharks are According to the Norwegian Institute of Marine Research a large predator, larger than its fearsome relatives the great white and hammer shark. It is found along most of the Norwegian coast and in other northerly waters. Greenland sharks can grow to up to eight metres long, two metres more than the great white shark. But where the white shark is a very fast and furuios predator, the Greenland Shark is slow and sedate, something reflected in its Latin name – Somniosus, the sleepy one..

Although it would be able to attack people, there are no confirmed stories that they have ever done so. Not even research divers who tag them under water have been attacked.

Habitat of the Greenland shark

Habitat of the Greenland shark.  Source: Wikipedia



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