Reduced traffic in Oslo due to the road tolls wall

road tolls autopassIt is not an easy task to avoid paying road tolls in Norway, as opposed to elsewhere. Photo:

Reduced traffic in Oslo due to the road tolls wall

Figures from the road tolls wall in Oslo and Akershus show a traffic decline of 2 per cent in June compared with 2018.


The figures are taken from road toll stations, comparable before and after the change of June 1st.


The total traffic volume in the comparable toll stations in June 2019 is 6.3 per cent lower than in June 2018. Adjusted for more holidays in June 2019 than in 2018, the factual decline is approx. 2 per cent, the operator, Fjelllinjen, reports.


10 million more payments

The total number of passes through all road toll walls has increased from 10 million in June 2018 to approx. 32 million in June 2019. The increase is due to more toll stations registering passages. Furthermore, many stations now require payment in both directions.

Fjellinjen announces that they will publish the revenue for June as soon as the accounts for June are completed at the end of week 28. This due to the large public interest in the development of revenues after the introduction of the current road tolls system.

A total of 54 additional toll stations opened in Oslo on June 1st, 2019.

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  1. It’s another tax , it has nothing to do with the environment or traffic problems in Oslo .They build roads with the money from our taxes and later force us to pay for using them and even to park on them !
    Shame on you greedy bastards , shame on you !

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