Over 100 sports cars stopped by German police

The German flag.Photo: pixabay.com

More than 100 sports cars driving at up to 250 kilometers per hour on a motorway in Germany have been stopped by the police. Many of the
cars have Norwegian registration numbers.

German police are now investigating whether they participated in an illegal car race on Thursday. In total, 107 cars were stopped in the police action in the state of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, east of the town of Wismar in the north of Germany.

The news agency, DPA, reported that most of the expensive luxury cars had Norwegian car signs and were labelled “Eurorally”. Motorists were mostly relaxed, friendly, and restrained said the reports on the spot.

Most of the A20 through the state is without a speed limit, and police moved in after being approached by worried drivers. No accidents have been reported.

The car race runs from Oslo to the Czech Republic’s capital of Prague according to a route map of the race posted on the internet. The plan was for the more than 400-kilometer stage from German Kiel to Polish Szczecin to be completed in 4.5 hours.

“The race is definitely stopped” said German police investigating whether it is illegal.

VG newspaper has spoken to a Norwegian who participated in the race. He said that the participants had a joint stop around 13.00 on Thursday, and that the police then blocked the road and the exits.

On the Internet, Eurorally is marketed as a race for car enthusiasts, and the participant’s fee is up to NOK 7,800.

© NTB Scanpix / #Norway Today

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