Six Norwegians arrested after Nazi demonstration in Sweden

Nazi demonstration in SwedenKUNGÄLV, Sweden.Photo: Björn Larsson Rosvall/TT / NTB scanpix

The police in Sweden arrested or rounded up 63 people during a conflict after neo-Nazis marched in several places in Sweden on May 1. Six of them were Norwegians.

The clashes between protesters from the Nazi organization, ‘The Nordic Resistance Movement (NMR)’, the police, and counter-demonstrators on Wednesday were in severalplaces very violent.

NMR had received permission on May 1 to demonstrate in three Swedish small towns. In Kungälv north of Gothenburg, 63 people, both neo-Nazis and counter-demonstrators, were arrested or taken in to custody. A police horse patrol was attacked with flying bricks, but no one was injured. Police estimated that around 300 NMR sympathizers were met by about 500 counter-demonstrators, and reports of violence, threats, and hate speech were reported.

‘’I can confirm that six Norwegians were taken in by the police in connection with the demonstrations in Kungälv to investigate whether they should be expelled from Sweden’’ said investigator Caroline Holmkvist of the Swedish western police region NRK news.

According to the reports, there were both counter-demonstrators and people connected to NMR among the Norwegians. Several of them had not yet been released on Thursday afternoon according to Holmkvist.

‘’There are now eleven formal police cases following the events in Kungälv, and a neo-Nazi was arrested, suspected of having hit a police officer in the face’’ wrote Expressen newspaper.

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