Man overboard from MS «Stavangerfjord» – presumed dead

Stavangerfjord fjordline ferryMS Stavangerfjord sailing along the Norwegian coast. Photo: Geir Einarsen /

Man overboard from MS «Stavangerfjord» – presumed dead

“A man who fell overboard from the passenger ferry MS «Stavangerfjord» off Mandal, is presumed dead,” The Main Rescue Central southern Norway (HRS) states.

HRS received notification of the incident at half past midnight on Saturday.

“We now consider the situation such that we end the rescue operation. The status is changed to search for a presumed dead person. The police in Agder will organize the operation. The possibility of survival is asssumed to be improbable at this time,” Rescue Leader of HRS Southern Norway, Eirik Walle, tells NTB at 5.48 am.



Comprehensive rescue operation

The emergency services initiated a comprehensive rescue operation when the incident report came. The ferry immediately turned about, and an emergency signal was sent out to other vessels in the area via radio, according to VG.

A Sea King rescue helicopter was dispatched from Sola. Rescue boats from Mandal and Farsund, together with the Coast Guard vessel KV «Nornen», also assist in the rescue mission.

“The temperature in the water is around 14 degrees Celsius. The rescue conditions were good during the first few hours after the incident. Rescue personnel, therefore, calculated a search area that they could focus their resources on,” Walle informs.

“We are searching as long as there is hope,” Walle stated around 3 am.

The incident occurred around 11 nautical miles off the coast of Mandal. The ferry is en route from Hirtshals to Bergen via Stavanger. The circumstances surrounding the ‘man overboard’ are unclear. MS «Stavangerfjord» has the go-ahead to continue onwards to Stavanger.

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