Ten hour queue to travel through Haukelifjell

Kolonnekjøring på riksvei 9 fra Haukeligrend til Hovden.Haukeligrend.Photo: Tore Meek / NTB scanpix

Hundreds of cars stood  in line  on Sunday to travel through Haukelifjell. It’s  a convoy drive, and the wait will be up to ten hours. Motorists are advised to make sure they bring enough clothes, food, and fuel.

Around 400 cars queued at Tyrveli boom in Vinje municipality to get over Haukelifjell. According to news channel NRK, it was a ten hour wait on Sunday afternoon to get westward, while the scheduled wait east was one hour. The winter holidays in Rogaland is now over, while it has just started in the Oslo area.
The traffic Operator in NPRA region south, Leif Christensen, says to NRK that the weather are making the conditions for driving difficult for everybody.
– It’s windy. with gale force winds. In addition it is snowing and the visibility is poor, says Christensen.
In addition, the plowing crews are bringing along fewer cars in the convoy, they drive more slowly and everything takes longer. There have been a convoy in the mountains since Sunday at 10, and the queues gradually increased.
– People going over the mountain have to pay attention to  weather forecasts and messages about the conditions on the road. They may also call 175, said Christensen. He stressed how important it is to have enough food, clothing and fuel in case motorists will be standing in line for hours.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today