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Palestinian Fans to a-ha: Boycott Concert



Israeli and Norwegian-Palestinians are asking a-ha to cancel the planned concert in Israel in June. They are planning a demonstration when the group plays in Oslo Spektrum.


Two Israeli musicians, David Oppenheimer and Danielle Ravitzki, have sent personal letters to the group. They ask a-ha to cancel the planned concert in Tel Aviv on June 21.
The two musicians believe Palestinians in Israel live under an apartheid regime. In the letter, they write that Israel suppresses Palestinian art and culture, and that artists are prosecuted and theaters are closed.
A-ha will have a concert in Oslo Spektrum this weekend. AKULBI, the Co-operation Committee for Academic and Cultural Boycott of the State of Israel, said in a press release that a demonstratiom will be held outside Oslo Spektrum on Friday to encourage the band to cancel the concert in Tel Aviv.


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