People in Trondheim are asked to leave the car at home


High air pollution is expected along all major roads in Trondheim through the weekend, and people are advised to leave their cars – or to change out their studded winter tires.

The reason for the poor air quality is that dry weather and studded car tires stir up and disperses fine road dust particles, from anti-ice sand that has been used on the roads throughout the winter, into the air, Trondheim municipality stated on Thursday.

We recommend leaving the car and if one can not, at least change out the studded tires to avoid more particles dispersement. The studded tire season ends no matter on Sunday, the statement reminds.

According to, the pollution level in Trondheim is red, which is the second highest of the four levels.

Trondheim city operations and the Norwegian Public Roads Administration have taken measures along the main roads throughout the winter, and the spring celebration started on 1 April. There is also intensive cleaning along the E6 and the main roads through the center to remove the particulate and debris matter.

Children with respiratory disorders such as asthma and bronchitis and adults with severe cardiovascular or respiratory disorders should reduce outdoor activity and not wander long in the most concentrated and contaminated areas.

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