Forest fire alert sent to everyone in Oslo

Forest fireForest fire.Photo: Heiko Junge / NTB scanpix

In a text message to all its inhabitants, Oslo municipality warned against of an extreme fire hazard. All use of fire is absolutely forbidden.


Before another great summer weekend, the municipality sent out the following message to the people in Oslo on Friday afternoon:

“Warning! There is a very great forest fire hazard in Oslo. You are reminded of  a total ban on fire, barbecue and fire near the land, the forest and the islands.”

Responsible barbecueing under supervision in one’s own garden, community or housing and in city parks within Ring 3 is allowed.

‘’But, remember the water for extinguishing fire, and that the grill can only be thrown into waste bins intended for a one-time barbecues,’’ the municipality said.



Oslo.Text message.Photo : Skjermdump / NTB scanpix


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