Pfizer: Our corona vaccine was 95% effective in final tests

PfizerPhoto: AP Photo / Bebeto Matthews / File

According to the drug company, the corona vaccine developed by Pfizer is 95% effective in the final test phase.

The vaccine has been tested on 43,000 people in a so-called phase 3 study, and the results are promising.

The vaccine has an effect across age groups, and no significant safety problems have been reported.

Pfizer will apply for temporary approval of the vaccine in the United States within a few days.

The vaccine was developed together with the German company BioNTech.

They have previously reported that the vaccine is 90% effective after the second dose.

A downside to Pfizer’s vaccine is that it must be stored at a very low temperature, 70 degrees below zero, and only survives five days in the refrigerator. That can make it difficult to distribute.

On Monday, the American pharmaceutical company Moderna announced that its coronavirus vaccine was 94.5% effective in preliminary tests.

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