Police arrest approximately 40 protesters in Oslo

Police at work.Police at work.Photo: Heiko Junge / NTB scanpix

The police arrested approximately 40 protesters on Saturday night. They were protesting against Turkey’s warfare against Kurds in Afrin in Syria, and media coverage of the conflict.


“Stop Turkey’s genocide in Afrin,” was written on one of the posters carried by the protesters, who gathered outside NRK’s premises at Marienlyst at 22.30 on Saturday night.

The group eventually left the area and began to march toward the center.

‘’The demonstration is something that was not reported in advance. They are no longer outside NRK, but on their way possibly towards the city center. Several police patrols will closely follow where they end up walking’’, said Operation Manager, Marita Aune to NTB news at 01.00.


Just before 02.00 the police reported on Twitter that they had arrested the protesters on Henrik Ibsens gate.

“They stopped in front of the tram and prevented traffic. Since the protesters didn’t quit voluntarily, the police had to break up the people’s gathering’’, Aune told NRK news.

‘’They will be notified of charges of interference with and prevent of traffic’’, the police wrote.

Turkish military effectiveness
On January the 20th, Turkey commenced a military campaign against Afrin in Syria, to expel the Kurdish YPG militia, and on Friday, Turkey’s President, Recep Tayyip Erdogan claimed that the city of Afrin is in danger. But this is rejected by YPG.

In Syria, there are about 2 million Kurds, most in the northeast, on the border with Turkey. The party for a Democratic Kurdish Union (PYD), and their YPG militia now control the Euphrates, Jazira and Afrin (north of Syria), on the border with Turkey.

“The protesters demonstrated against attacks that have taken place in Syria, and the media’s coverage of this,” said Aune to the news channel.


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