Police: The man charged with the deadly Kongsberg attack is a 37-year-old Danish citizen

Delta unit - special policePhoto: Håkon Mosvold Larsen / NTB

The man charged with the murders in Kongsberg has been questioned. “He is cooperating with the police and providing details about the incident,” his lawyer said on Thursday. 

The accused man was arrested in Kongsberg on Wednesday night. On the night before Thursday, the police announced that the arrested man was a 37-year-old Danish citizen who lives in Kongsberg.

“The police can confirm this information about the accused because many rumors are circulating on social media about possible perpetrators,” the police wrote in a press release.

The man was transported to the police station in Drammen. He has had lawyer Fredrik Neumann appointed as defense counsel.

“I have talked to my client, and he has been questioned,” the lawyer told the newspaper VG.

“He is cooperating with the police,” the lawyer noted. He told the Danish news agency Ritzau that the accused would be produced for custody on Thursday.

The accused acknowledges the circumstances 

The police state that the accused man acknowledges the circumstances of the case.

“He acknowledges the circumstances,” police attorney Ann Irén Svane Mathiassen told TV 2.

Mathiassen also told the channel that the accused is known to the police from before, in connection with several different matters.

According to the police lawyer, the man has also been in contact with the health service several times. He will probably be produced for custody on Wednesday.

Bow and arrow attack

The police received the first report about the incident at 6:13 PM on Wednesday. At 6:47 PM, the man who used a bow and arrow to kill five and injure two people was arrested.

Police stated that there was a confrontation between them and the perpetrator before he was arrested. No police officers were injured in the confrontation. Warning shots were fired in connection with the arrest.

“There are many crime scenes – this person moved over a large area,” Øyvind Aas, operations manager in the Buskerud police, said at a press conference on Wednesday night.

Policeman injured

One of the people injured in yesterday’s attack is a policeman who was in a store (one of the crime scenes) in his spare time.

“We believe that one person performed these acts alone. It is natural to assess whether this is a terrorist act,” Aas said. 

NTB was informed on Thursday that the Police Security Service (PST) is investigating the case with significant resources.

It is not yet clear whether the killed and injured people are accidental victims.

“I can not answer whether there is a relationship between the perpetrator and the victims,” Aas said on Wednesday.

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  1. Sujata Prabhu | 14. October 2021 at 12:06 | Reply

    I am a Hindu an Indian, living in Norway for the past 44 years. Peace living people who assimilated into Norwegian traditions and culture. Such horrendous atrocities which are on the rise in Norway committed by radicals will be detrimental to this society in future. Be in your guard dear Norwegians

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