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Police: Man accused of Kongsberg attack is a convert to Islam – there have been radicalization concerns

Photo: Terje Pedersen / NTB

The police announced that the man charged in the Kongsberg attack is a convert to Islam and that there have been radicalization concerns related to the man.

“We have not received reports of concern related to the man in 2021. But there have been reports before, and these have been followed up,” Chief of Police Ole Bredrup Sæverud in the South-Eastern Police District said, according to the newspaper VG.

The latest report was allegedly received in 2020. When asked whether the attack was religiously motivated, Sæverud said:

“We know nothing about the motive yet. But it is natural to ask that question”.

“There are complicated assessments related to the motive, and it will take time before this is clarified. But there have been concerns related to radicalization in the past, and the police have been in contact with the man before,” Sæverud noted.

Furthermore, the man was banned from visiting two close family members last year after he allegedly threatened to kill one of them, according to VG.

The man, who used a bow and arrow to kill five and injure two people in Kongsberg, was arrested yesterday after a major police operation.

Danish citizen

On the night before Thursday, the police announced that the arrested man was a 37-year-old Danish citizen who lives in Kongsberg.

“The police can confirm this information about the accused because many rumors are circulating on social media about possible perpetrators,” the police wrote in a press release.

The man was transported to the police station in Drammen. He has had lawyer Fredrik Neumann appointed as defense counsel.

Police stated that there was a confrontation between them and the perpetrator before he was arrested. No police officers were injured in the confrontation. Warning shots were fired in connection with the arrest.

Source: © NTB Scanpix / #Norway Today / #NorwayTodayNews

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2 Comments on "Police: Man accused of Kongsberg attack is a convert to Islam – there have been radicalization concerns"

  1. He has been identified by name elsewhere, and he looks fanatical and repugnant.
    I’m no Islamist, but did he convert to Islam out of faith or in preparation to make this an “Islamic terrorist” incident?
    Norway’s Parliament should reconsider the death penalty for cases like this and July 22, 2011.
    Then too are the out of control increasing knife and shooting attacks in Norway generally.
    Again, who opened the Gates of Troy to these Grendelian creatures?

  2. Something else: British Independent has reported that 4 of the 5 victims were women.
    This may be because it was a shopping center where most are women or because women are less able to defend themselves … and/or run … or because he is an girl- and woman-hating incel.
    This investigation should go deep into these possibilities as well – should not be shallow for official expedience.

    (And was anyone in a position to try to take him down, like the wannabe terrorist on the French train was? Re-notching an arrow is not like pulling the trigger of a semi-automatic pistol.)

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