Possibly higher temperatures this weekend

The best Easter weather is behind usLovely Easter weather in Blefjell.Photo: Erik Johansen / NTB scanpix

From southern Norway and Nordland almost up to Bodø can expect nice weather the first weekend of Easter. Further north it becomes a bit grayer – but not bad weather.

“There is not much to talk about,” says Håvard Thorset, on duty meteorologist at the Vervarslinga for Northern Norway, to NTB.

“In this context, it is good news. A large high pressure system lies above the country and makes it quite easy to report the weather.”

“In southern Norway and Trøndelag, as well as southern parts of Nordland, there will be good weather by the end of the week and at the weekend. It is not certain that there will be brilliant sunshine from cloudless skies everywhere, but on the whole it will be very nice,” he continues.

Although the air is still quite cold now in the middle of the week, the temperature will rise gradually. On Sunday, one can probably see a two-digit number on temperatures in several places.

“Coastal areas in southern Norway and in Trøndelag can approach 10 degrees,” says Thorset.

This may also apply to internal areas in Eastern Norway. Clear weather, however, means that the nights can become relatively cold.

Grayer in the north

The meteorologist estimates that the limit for the weather will go north in Nordland, perhaps at Bodø.

“Its not the same weather report further north, mainly Troms and Finnmark. They will be getting more clouds, as well as snow and sleet. At the weekend more rain and sleet will develop. But there is not much rainfall,” he says.

West Finnmark will be getting the most rainfall, while East Finnmark and Finnmarksvidda can have periods of pretty good weather and sun – and less rainfall.

The temperature is rising’

“There will be a slight rising in temperatures. Now they are lying evenly on the minus side. This weekend, they will be going over to the plus, but not as high as in southern Norway,” says the meteorologist.

He assures that the weather in the north will not be terribly bad, just a bit grayer.

As the forecast look now, the temperatures may rise even slightly during the Easter days. And in the south the temperature changes are coming.

“But it’s still a little too far to away to say for sure,” says Håvard Thorset.

A possibility of good skiing conditions

Despite a late Easter and a milder winter than usual, there may still be good skiing conditions during the Easter week thanks to cold nights, according to a snow report from the Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate (NVE).

NVE has several measuring stations, hydrological models and snow maps – and has monitored snow conditions.

“In summary, this winter has given us less snow than normal in southern Norway, while in Troms, Nordland and parts of Finnmark we have had more snow than normal,” said hydrologist Heidi Bache Strand Tuesday

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