Queen Sonja will join and decorate the world’s first hybrid ship

Queen SonjaQueen Sonja.Photo: Pontus Höök / Hurtigruten / NTB scanpix

When MS Roald Amundsen takes her maiden voyage, every piece of artwork on board will have been handpicked by Queen Sonja and her art foundation.


“Hurtigruten will strive to give its guests an unforgettable experience. Being able to enjoy exquisite art on the journey is part of this experience,’’said the queen on Sunday.

Queen Sonja released the news on board the MS Fram cruise ship, which was docked in New York on Sunday, calling the ornamentation project “The unique collaboration between Hurtigruten and Queen Sonja Print Award”.

MS Roald Amundsen is the world’s first hybrid ship, equipped with battery packs and groundbreaking green technology. And close to 600 works of art by young Norwegian artists will fill the ship, including the Queen’s own workers and former QSPA winners.

“In Hurtigruten we are building the next generation of shipping. At QSPA,the next generation of young artists highlights this. The partnership is a perfect match,’’ said Hurtigruten CEO, Daniel Skjeldam.

The graphic works will adorn all suites and cabins and public areas such as restaurants, stairs and corridors aboard MS Roald Amundsen.

During the speech aboard MS Fram, Queen Sonja drew historic parallels.

The Viking ships were decorated with the most beautiful carvings, dragon heads and flowers, ornaments, and animals adorned Leiv Erikson’s ship as he fought through the waves heading for Newfoundland, where he first landed. Today, a thousand years later, we continue this tradition and embellish a proud ship sailing on our seas on far more peaceful errands than the Vikings,” said the Queen.


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