Snow and ice falls from roofs cause car damage insurance pays outs of millions

Snow chaosSnow chaos.Photo: Lise Åserud / NTB scanpix

Snow and ice falling from rooftops and hitting parked cars has caused millions of kroners’ worth of damage this winter.


The unusually high snow levels in southern Norway this winter have also led to more car damage than normal. The insurance company, ‘Tryg Upplyser’ have received 100 snow damage claims so far this year, which is an increase of 30% over the same period last year.

‘’When heavy snow and ice falls from a high altitude and hits a car, the damage is often extensive. A car parked at a sports hall in eastern Norway had recently suffered damages worth well over NOK 400,000 when a block of ice hit the car roof and the front window. The car was completely destroyed. Vehicle damage amounts to millions during the year,” said Jeanett Tennefoss, director of car damage in ‘Tryg Forsikring’
(Tryg Insurance).

Most accidents registered by the company have occurred in densely populated areas, streets, back yards and parking spaces. But they have also registered car damage from snow and ice falls from roofs outside private homes.

‘’Many believe that homeowners are automatically responsible for such car damage, but it is not always due to negligence from homeowners. Car rental companies also have a duty to assess the risk of damage,” Tennefoss emphasised.


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