Raja happy and relieved after five children are taken out of Syria

Abid RajaAbid Raja.Photo: Ned Alley / NTB scanpix

“Bringing home five orphan Norwegian children will stand over time as ethically and morally correct,” says Liberal Party Abid Raja.

The Representative of Parliament, who emphasizes that he was the first politician to speak for bringing home Norwegian children from immigrants, says he is happy and relieved.

“I am happy and relieved on behalf of the children, who are now being sent home to Norway from Syria. An important and proper step and something that will also stand over time as ethically and morally correct,” says Raja, Liberal Parliamentary Deputy in the Liberal Party.

Left leader Trine Skei Grande says that this is something the Liberals in the government have been working intensively with for a long time.

“Children should not be punished for their parents’ misdeeds, no matter how horrible they may be,” says the Left-wing leader and Minister of Culture Grande.

But Raja will also bring home the other children, those whose parents are still alive.

“I believe the government should offer the mothers of the children to voluntarily hand over their children to Norwegian authorities, so that their children can be brought home to their grandparents and other relatives here in Norway,” says Raja.

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