Norway supports rebuilding in Mozambique

Mozambique Idai CycloneNorway is increasing its support for humanitarian efforts after the cyclone Idai. Photo: Marco Frattini, WFP

Norway supports rebuilding in Mozambique

Norway supports climate-friendly rebuilding in Mozambique after the devastating cyclones Idai and Kenneth.

“The destruction after the cyclones Idai and Kenneth has created needs that will require considerable international support for a long time to come. Norway contributes approximately NOK 138 million to climate-robust reconstruction in the affected areas,” Norwegian Minister for Development, Dag-Inge Ulstein, states.

The cyclones Idai and Kenneth which hit Mozambique, in March and April this year, led to enormous destruction that will characterize the country for a long time. The UN estimates that reconstruction costs will exceed $3 billion.

About two million persons are affected. The UN estimates that poverty will increase significantly in the areas. Women, children and the disabled are particularly vulnerable.

“The Norwegian support goes to the reconstruction of critical energy infrastructure and such. Vulnerable groups will be given priority. During the reconstruction phase, it will be important to strengthen the local communities’ capacity to handle future natural disasters. We know that these will come. We will, therefore, consider increased support in the time to come,” the Minister for Development concludes.


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Multilateral channels

Norway has supported the development of the energy sector in Mozambique for a number of years. In a difficult situation, we are now contributing to a more climate-robust reconstruction of wrecked infrastructure. In addition to the bilateral support, Norway is a significant contributor to reconstruction in the affected areas.

This is done through multilateral canals, including both the African and World Bank.

Norway has also provided NOK 47 million in humanitarian support for the emergency relief phase after cyclone Idai – and NOK 10 million after Kenneth.

Norway has already contributed about NOK 21 million in humanitarian aid to Mozambique, Malawi and Zimbabwe, through the UN emergency aid fund, prior to the cyclones.


Norway provides humanitarian assistance to Mozambique

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