Record levels of immigration to Germany last year

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Net immigration to Germany from other EU countries was at a record high of 382,000 people in 2015.

The total of emigrated people is 685.485 from other EU countries, in Germany. 303,036 left the country, giving a net immigration of 382,449 people, according to the newspaper Die Welt.

This figure is more than twice as high as the net immigration in Britain, which was the second most popular European country to move to last year. Promises to limit immigration from other EU countries played a key role in the referendum for Brits who voted to leave the union.

Romanians topped the list of new arrivals to Germany with almost 175,000 people, 150,000 Poles and 70,000 Bulgarians also chose to move to the country last year.

According to Die Welt there is now a total 4.1 million foreign EU nationals in Germany.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today