The remnants of Hurricane Nate are heading for Norway

Bad weatherBad weather.Photo: Norway Today Media

People along the coast can expect rain all weekend when the remnants of hurricane Nate hit Norway. On the southern coast, and in eastern Norway, it could reach 15 degrees.


In Central America, Hurricane Nate took at least 21 lives, and caused a great deal of destruction, but on the way across the Atlantic, it’s power has decreased.

It is not expected to be particularly windy when it hits Norway on Friday.
‘It’s nothing compared to what it’s been. For our part, it will only cause low pressure’,
said State Meteorologist, Ida Fosli, to NTB news.

She said that the hurricane carries mild air. Thus, the snow won’t last as long as the
past few days.

‘But there will be enough white on the peaks in southern Norway,’ says the meteorologist.

Mild temperatures

Along the coast, Nate means rainy weather.

‘It’ll be raining the whole weekend in Western Norway, and along the entire coastline, except for Eastern Finnmark, which will escape the rain.

The best weather will be in the eastern mountains,but it will not be brilliant there either. In Østafjells, there may be rain on Friday, but mostly on Saturday and Sunday’, said Fosli.

In lower areas of southern Norway, daytime temperatures are expected to be between 10 and 13 degrees Over the next few days. Along the southern coast, and in eastern Norway, it could reach 15 degrees on Saturday, through until Monday, while northern Norway can expect temperatures of 5-10 degrees this weekend.

In the past few days, the Meteorological Institute has sent out several notifications about strong winds along the coast.

‘We always send out notification when there is a stiff cold front on the coast and on the banks. It is common to have such weather at this time of year, and these alerts are mostly intended for people at sea.

Will it be raining on the ocean for the next few days?

‘It will be enough,’ said the state meteorologist.

So far, there have been warnings about Hekkingen, Furuholmen, Aust-Tampen, Storegga, and the area from Storegga-Haltenbanken to the 0 – meridian, Slåtterøy to Bulandet, Frøya to Rørvik, and Rørvik to Lødingen.

Earlier notices of difficult driving conditions in southern Norway were also sent out. These alerts are over, although snow may still fall.

The Norwegian Road Administration (Vegvesenet) have recommended winter tires in higher-lying areas.


Source: NRK / Norway Today