Rescue teams searched the landslide area at Gjerdrum through the night, but no survivors were found

Gjerdrum landslide nightPhoto: Fredrik Hagen / NTB

The rescue crews continued searching for survivors through the night at the landslide site at Ask in Gjerdrum.

“No new people were found last night,” operations manager Gisle Sveen at the Eastern Police District told news bureau NTB at 4:30 AM on Monday.

A total of ten people were missing after the landslide that occurred on December 30. 

On Sunday, three dead people were taken out of the landslide area. A total of seven people have been confirmed dead.

Sveen emphasized that there is still hope of finding survivors and that the night’s efforts have been directed towards areas and structures where there is hope of finding people.

Five people identified

Five dead people have been identified as of Sunday, and three people have still not been found.

At a press briefing on Sunday night, Gunnar Farstad said that someone could survive despite the cold temperature.

“The prerequisite is that they are located in a cavity in a building mass,” he said.

“There are stories from other parts of the world, albeit mostly with a higher temperature, where people have survived for a long time. It depends on whether they’re in a cavity where there is also insulation,” Farstad said.

Police dogs injured in search

The landslide pit itself is about 700 meters long and 300 meters wide and is challenging to move in.

Patrol dogs from the Oslo Police District are among the search crews that contribute to the rescue effort.

“Our dogs have done an impressive job, despite the dangers and the environment. Saturday night, one of the dogs searched in an area and stepped through a window. 

“That resulted in an ugly cut, and it was rushed to the vet where it is being monitored after treatment,” the Oslo Police District wrote on Facebook.

“It will be fine, but unfortunately, the dog can’t contribute here anymore. Another couple of dogs have been injured in the search but will be back to work quickly,” one of the dog handlers wrote in the post.

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