Research killed and maimed several bears

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Research equipment killed and maimed several bears

Researchers operated in implants to track bears. Now it turns out that the implant led to severe pain, and two of the bears died as a result.


In the Scandinavian bear project, 305 animals were fitted with the radio implant. The study has been ongoing for more than 19 years. The first implant was fitted in 1997, but not before now a study shows that several bears sustain injuries by them.

– This is extremely regrettable, says Professor at the Innland Highschool, Jon Martin Arnemo, to NRK. Arnemo is in charge of the study.

At least two bears died because the transmitter’s battery short-circuited. It turned out that the transmitter was not waterproof and started to rust. The Animal Welfare Alliance believes the project has acted irresponsibly and is approaching animal maltreatment.


– This is close to being classified as maltreatment. It is unacceptable to discover that the transmitter is unsuitable several years after they have been operated in, says Zoologist and General Manager of the Animal Conservation Alliance, Anton Krag.

Arnemo announces that they have removed as many transmitters as possible, but some of them have disappeared because the battery has died or because the bear is already dead.

– We understand that it backfires at us when we publish this study, but in the broader picture, we believe that this has led to better animal welfare. We know now that we can not use this type of transmitter, he concludes.



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