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Returned Afghans on the run

Afghanistan ReturnedAfghanistan.Photo:

Returned Afghans on the run

Seven out of ten refugees who have returned to Afghanistan have been forced to flee their homes once more, according to figures from The Refugee Aid (Flykningehjelpen).


The Refugee Aid has conducted a survey in Afghanistan where 1,161 returned refugees have participated.

According to the Refugee Aid, the survey shows that 72 per cent of them have had to escape from their home at least twice. For 27 percent of the respondents it has been necessary to flee three times.

– The findings in our report should make European countries and Afghanistans neighbours halt the deportations and think through their policies, says Secretary General, Jan Egeland.

This is not the time to return Afghans, he believes.

War-torn Afghanistan is currently no place to be returned to, the Secretary General maintains, indicating that conditions recently have worsened throughout the country. In the past two years, more than one million Afghans have been displaced from their homes. It’s a tripling in less than five years.

Statistics from the Police Immigration Unit show that a total of 238 people were forcibly returned from Norway to Afghanistan in 2017. Voluntary returns come on top of this.


© NTB Scanpix / Norway Today

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