BAMA withdraws fruit mix

Exotic MixExotic Mix.Photo: Mattilsynet / NTB scanpix

BAMA withdrew the dried fruit mixture, ”Exotic Mix”, from the market after a suspicion of salmonella infection.

Several of the people who became ill during the onset of a salmonella outbreak have eaten this product, but it is too early to conclude that this is the source of infection.

‘’Product samples have been sent for analysis, but the answers are not yet clear’’ said Karina Kaupang, director of departmental food at the Norwegian Food Safety Authority.

BAMA has chosen to withdraw the product on its own initiative.They encourage customers who have bought

“Exotic Mix”, 400 grams, with Lot no. 8291, to throw it away or deliver it back to the store.

The company stated that the product in question has been on sale since the 15th of November in the NorgesGruppen chains across the country; Spar,
Meny, Jacobs, Joker, Kiwi og Meny. It’s also been sold in Bunnpris.

Results from analyses of the product are expected to be clear at the beginning of next week.

Most of those associated with the onset of the outbreak have eaten mixtures of dried fruit / berries and nuts, and the Norwegian Food Safety Authority therefore followed this track further. The same type of salmonella infection has been detected in 21 people, and it is suspected that another nine people are also infected.

The audit cooperates with the Norwegian Institute of Public Health, the municipal health service and the Norwegian Veterinary Institute in the search for the source of infection for the outbreak caused by the bacterium salmonella agbeni.

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