Risk of extreme flooding in Eastern Norway

Flooding notifications DrangsholtFlooding, Photo: pixabay.com

Experts fear that the big snowdrifts in southern Norway could melt in a short period of time. This may lead to quite significant flooding in Eastern Norway, warned climate scientists.


The experts’ ‘horror scenario’ is a new spring flood that duplicates those witnessed in Eastern Norway in 1995,according to NRK news.

“There is every reason to be aware of the situation, which is very similar to that in 1995, with a lot of snow in the mountains and a long cold period. If there is a sudden rise in temperature and a lot of rain, the conditions will be in place for spring floods,” said climate researcher Øyvind Paasche at the Bjerkness Centre.

The floods in 1995 caused damage to almost two thousand farms, and cost the community approximately NOK two billion,in addition to the death of an elderly man.

“At that time, temperatures did not begin to rise before May the 22nd, while there was a lot of rain’’, Paasche added.

According to the Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate (NVE), there is now 30 to 50% more snow than normal throughout southern Norway, while in some low-lying areas there is more than three times more snow. The problems arise if these amounts melt over a short period of time.

“If so, there is a reason to believe there will be quite a flood in Eastern Norway,” he said.

Last week, the NVE urged municipalities in vulnerable areas to initiate preparatory measures to be best equipped for possible flooding.


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