Rolls-Royce to test autonomous shipping in Norwegian fjords

autonom ferry in Norwegian fjordIllustration of autonom ferry in Norwegian fjord.Photo:Rolls-Royce

Rolls-Royce believes autonomous ships could come into use by 2020, and will use the Norwegian fjords as a testing ground for the new Norwegian technology which it hopes to launch globally.

– Technology for remote controlled solutions on shipping already exists, the question is how far we can go in the direction of unmanned vessels, and the types of ships this is most suitable for, says Jann Peter Strand, product manager for automation and control at Rolls-Royce Marine.

He is among the speakers at the launch of the Norwegian Forum for Autonomous Ships  on the 4th of October.

Rolls-Royce in Norway already deliver solutions today  for monitoring ships from shore and remote service missions on board. The company is also involved in development projects in this area in Norway, Finland and Singapore.

– We gather knowledge in many areas. While the technology is developed largely in Norway.

It is very gratifying when we see that the Norwegian research and the authorities are hopeful that we can test our solutions in Norwegian waters, said Jann Peter Strand of Rolls-Royce.


Source: Rolls-Royce / Norway Today