Ropstad has backstabbed Hareide

Ropstad HareideRopstad and Hareide on collision course. Photo: / NTM

Ropstad has stabbed Hareide in the back

Deputy Leader, Kjell Ingolf Ropstad (KrF), is accused of backstabbing his boss, Knut Arild Hareide, with his abortion spiel, something that Ropstad rejects, writes Klassekampen.


What Klassekampen describes as key sources are telling the newspaper that they think Ropstad has betrayed his own Party Leader with his spiel last Thursday. The Deputy Leader stated that the Christian Democrats (KrF) should demand changes to the abortion legislation as one of its most important demands in any Government negotiations, whether it be with the bourgeois or the Red-Green alternative.

According to Klassekampen, a central source in KrF says that Ropstad, with this solo play, «has stabbed his Party Leader in the back», while another twists it a little by stating: «this was a stab using a dagger».

The KrF Leader’s Main Counselor, Dag Andreas Fedøy, states: «Hareide has no need to comment on this». Ropstad rejects, on his part, that he stabs his Party Leader in the back.

Ropstad rejects backstabbing

– I don’t do that. We agree that this must be an open process and that the party must have a democratic vote on the matter. If someone really believes that, they should appear with full name and take it up face to face with me, he writes in a text message to the newspaper.

Ropstad adds that he believes it is the National Assembly of the Christian Democrats that must decide the possible negotiation terms, but it is important to confront the other parties on one of KrF’s most important issues – the so-called sorting community.

– I am very pleased that Erna Solberg is so clear that she will fight for a society with room for everybody, and it shows that it may be possible to get through with our stance on abortion if we probe with the Solberg Government first, Ropstad concludes the SMS.


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