All seats were filled when new cathedral was consecrated

Murphy-O'ConnorCormac Cardinal Murphy-O'Connor, Archbishop emeritus of Westminster consecrated the new Cathedral.Photo: Ole Martin Wold / NTB scanpix

New St. Olav Cathedral in Trondheim was Saturday inaugurated, and Pope Francis said he will urge the pope to take a trip north to see the cathedral.
– It was completely full with a long que outside waiting to get in, says Per Albert Vold, an economist in Trondheim Stift, said to news agency NTB.

The Catholic Church in Central Norway Saturday welcomed the visitors in the new cathedral in Trondheim.

Vold reports that 500 people following the ceremony inside the church, while another 250 attended the ceremony via the big screen in the parish center next door.
– We have 125 nationalities in the church, and many of them were represented in the church today. In addition, there were several invited guests and representatives of other denominations in Trondheim, says Vold.

– Impressed cardinal

Pope Francis had chosen personally the English Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O’Connor as his personal deputy at the inauguration.

– When the cardinal concluded consecration, he said that he should recommend to Pope Francis that if he has a day off he should go to Trondheim and look at the cathedral, says Vold, adding that the cardinal was impressed with the new cathedral.

Saturday’s consecration ceremony was in accordance with Catholic customs started outside, before the procession entered the church.
– It was a majestic exhibition, says Vold.



Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today