Second warmest night ever recorded in Norway

Midnight sunMidnight sun in Forsøl outside Hammerfest in Norway.Photo: Erlend Aas / SCANPIX

On Wednesday night it was not colder than 25.2 degrees at Makkaur’s lighthouse on the Finnmark coast.It was the second warmest night ever measured in Norway.


July 9th, 1933 was the warmest night measured in Norway in recent times. Then, the lowest temperature measured during the night was 25.5 degrees. It happened in Halden in Østfold.

On Wednesday night this week, that record was almost reached in the municipality of Båtsfjord on the Finnmark coast.

Also at six other measuring stations in Finnmark and Troms,tropical temperatures were measured on Wednesday night.

Such a night is when the measured minimum temperature does not go below 20 degrees.

The high temperatures in Finnmark continued throughout the day.Lakselv was the warmest place on Thursday, with 33 degrees, followed by Berlevåg with 32.7 degrees, and Tana Bru with 32.4 degrees.


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