Man from Hedmark sentenced to prison for killing a kitten

Hedmarken District Court kittenHedmarken District Court.Photo: Jo Espen Brenden / Scanpix

Man from Hedmark sentenced to prison for killing of a kitten

A man from Hedmark is sentenced to jail for 120 days in the district court for killing a kitten and threatening his mother. He is disallowed the right to own animals for the next five years.

According to NRK, the Hedmark District Court also sentenced 20-years-old for on one occasion to have thrown an axe after his mother, missing his target. The case against the man went as a confessional verdict.

In the matter of the cat, the court assumes that it was inflicted with severe pain and fear, even if over a relatively short period of time.

– The action was premeditated, and the court agrees with the prosecution that the accused is worthy of punishment. About the killing the accused has in conversations with experts said that he has been curious about how it would be to torture and kill a cat, the verdict states.

Considered served

28 days of prison sentence is suspended, and since the man has served 92 days in custody, considered judgment that it is served. The conditional part of the verdict has a probationary period of two years.

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