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Recycle deposits on beverage containers will be higher

BottlesBottles.Photo: Norway Today Media

The Ministry of Climate and Environment has decided to raise the recycle deposit rates to 2 kroner for small beverage bottles and cans and 3 kroner for large bottles.


Today’s rates of 1 krone and 2.50 kroner have remained so since the early 90’s. The real value has therefore been halved since then.

There is a high return of beverage containers in Norway, but there is still something to be said about the environment and nature.

– We double the pantry on half-liter bottles and cans. It will give people an additional reason to return those empty bottles and cans,” said the climate and environmental minister Vidar Helgesen (H).

But he emphasizes that the rates should not be raised too high.

“It may go against its purpose should we raise the plastic bottle deposit rates too high. It would then be cheaper to for a manufacturer to just make new beverage containers rather than collecting the old ones, “says Helgesen.

The new deposit rates will come into force at the new year. The old rates will be used during the transitional period until September 1, 2018, allowing the industry to brand new beverage packaging and update the systems.


©  NTB Scanpix / Norway Today

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