House ablaze in Sigdal – neighbours evacuated

Fire department Sigdal Fire truckFire truck during a fire exercise in Oslo. Illustration photo: Jon Olav Nesvold / NTB scanpix

House ablaze in Sigdal – neighbours evacuated

A residential house in Prestfoss in Sigdal, near Drammen, has burned to the ground after a car fire spread to the house. All residents are supposedly accounted for. A townhouse has caught fire in Bergen as well.

The fire service received a message about the fire in Sigdal at 6.15 am on Saturday morning.

“The residential house is ablaze, and it also burns in two cars that are parked outside it. [There is] supposedly no danger of spreading to other houses at this time. Residents of three neighbouring houses have been evacuated because of smoke from the fire,” South East Police District informs just before 7 am.

All the residents of the house, who are evacuated. allegedly are in good stead. There supposedly were four persons in the residence when the fire started,” according to Drammens Tidende.

“The notification that we received was regarding a fire with the danger of spreading to other residences. The situation has, therefore, escalated. There is talk about a fire in the roof of the house,” The Emergency Call Centre South East tells NTB.

“Crews were dispatched from three fire stations. The house had burned to the ground by 8 am,” writes NRK.

“The fire department is still on site and is now performing post-extinguishing. That will last as long as it is deemed necessary,” Duty Officer at 110 South East, Harald Kleppo, tells NTB just before 9 am.



Townhouse fire in Bergen is extinguished

The emergency services moved out after a report of a fire in a townhouse in Åstveitskogen in Bergen on Saturday morning. Four persons escape unharmed. The fire is now extinguished.

The fire service received a notification of the fire from a casual passer-by at 8.30 am.

“He walked over to the house and banged on doors and windows to awaken those who were in the house. All four supposedly escaped unscathed. The neighbouring houses were evacuated,” Duty Commander at the 110-centre, Ronald Drotningsvik, tells NTB.

The fire service sent three units to the site. Shortly after 9 am the fire was extinguished.

“There are still glowing embers in the construction, ceiling and walls. We will now carry out post-extinguishing on the spot,” Drotningsvik concludes.

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