Varhaug processes the sorrow

Varhaug Mayor SunnivaDeputy Mayor in Hå municipality, Mons Skrettingland. A local 17-years-old boy is charged with killing 13-year-old Sunniva Ødegård. Photo: NTB Scanpix

The local community at Varhaug processes the sorrow

 The murder of 13-year-old Sunniva Ødegård has left a deep impression on the local community at Varhaug. The municipality now wishes to give the children and youngsters the feeling of safety back.


– People are devastated, they are in shock that such a thing can happen at Varhaug, says Deputy Mayor in Hå, Mons Skrettingland to NTB.

Under the grey clouds above the main street (Rådhusgata) on Varhaug, there were no people and quiet on Tuesday. It is usually not that desolate in the streets here, according to Skrettingland. But this is no ordinary time for the village.

Long journey

– This is a case that will affect Varhaug for many years to come. As time goes by, I want Varhaug to continue to be a safe and good place for both children and teenagers. But that is going to be a long journey – and we have a lot of work to do to achieve it, says Skrettingland.

The Deputy Mayor is born and raised at Varhaug, a hamlet with around 3,000 inhabitants. He says that he has never heard of a murder in the area before. Now, the shaken local environment will have a health centre open every day from noon to 3 pm for all children and teenagers who wish to have someone to talk to. The offer will be there for as long as it is called for.

– Varhaug is a hamlet consisting of down to earth and good people. It is a place where many people have relationships with each other. There are schoolchildren, sports teams, groups of friends and environments across the board that are affected here. Many young people are affected. We must now be there for them, says Skrettingland.

In custody for two weeks

The indicted 17-years-old is placed in custody for two weeks.

The charged teenager is also subject to letter and visit control, is confirmed to NRK by Sunniva Ødegård’s support lawyer, Harald Øglænd.

The court’s ruling is in accordance with the request by the police.

The boy denies culpability and did not consent to imprisonment when he was brought before the Jæren District Court on Tuesday afternoon. His defence lawyer has not answered questions from the press.


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