Single minors with limited stay are entitled to education

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Families with children and single minors with limited stay are entitled to education

The Parliament gives families with children and single minors with limited stay the right to education.  – A small, but positive step towards integration, says SV.


The Government in the revised State Budget proposed to spend NOK 38 million on settling around 80 families with a limited residence permit, pending documentation of their identity. This includes giving them the right and duty to participate in the introductory program for newly arrived refugees. They will also receive tuition in Norwegian and social studies.

On Monday, a unanimous Municipal and Management Committee in Parliament said yes to the proposal, which also applies to single minors 16 years or older.

Praise from SV

The Socialist Party’s (SV) representative in the committee, Karin Andersen, praises the Government for the initiative.

– This is hopefully a small signal of a better and more active integration policy, even from the Government, now that responsibility has shifted in the Ministry of Education and from the Progress Party (Frp) and over to the Conservatives (H), says leader of the committee, Karin Andersen, to NTB.

– This would not likely happened with Sylvi Listhaug (Frp) as the Minister in charge, and hopefully gives a signal of a better integration policy with Jan Tore Sanner (H) as the responsible Government Minister, she says.

– I am pleased that the committee unanimously supports the Government’s proposal. We believe that even those who have not previously been settled, and who we now settle, quickly will get clarification of what kind of education and qualifications they possess. Then they will be able to get paid work or relevant education, committee leader for the issue, Norunn Tveiten Benestad (H) , says in a comment.


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