“Soldiers of Odin” patrolled the strees of Tønsberg

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Saturday night the group “Soldiers of Odin” for the first time  patrolled Norwegian streets, specifically in Tønsberg. Many people stated stated loud and clear  that the group is not welcome at all.
In three hours the spokesman Ronny Alte and 13 other people patrolled Tønsberg’s streets, the newspaper VG reports. Ahead of the forthcoming night patrol the SV-politician Olav Sannes Vika invited to a meeting in the square. Among the people joining the meeting  were members from the foundation Friends of the Oseberg ship , who did not like having the  old Norse symbols  appearing in connection with immigration resistance.
The spokesman of  “Soldiers of Odin”, Ronny Alte also  came to the square to defend their project.
– We care neither about religion or skin color. We just want the city to be safe, said Alte. When Vika expressed that the group is not welcome in town, answered Alte in the same tone:
– I’m not sure that we want you in our streets either, he said before he went back to his own group.
The police were present with extra crews in Tonsberg Saturday night.
– It is the sole responsibilty of the police to enforce peace and order, but if they walk around downtown and behave properly, they should of course be left in peace, stresses Frank Gran, who heads the local law and order section.
Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today