Stoltenberg: No room for compromises in the face of terrorism

Jens StoltenbergPhoto: Torstein Bøe / NTB POOL

NATO chief and former Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg says society at large must be uncompromising about fundamental values ​​in the face of terrorism ten years after July 22.

Stoltenberg, who was prime minister when the terrorist attack took place, attended a memorial service in Oslo Cathedral on Thursday.

There, he said that life consists of an endless series of choices. He noted that he is often in doubt about what he should choose and often ends up compromising both privately and in a work context.

“But sometimes the choice is clear. There is no room for doubt. The answer is no compromises,” he said.

“The terrorists can decide to take life, but we decide that they must not take our democracy, our free and open society,” Stoltenberg said.

The Hermansen vandalism 

Stoltenberg also commented on the vandalization of Benjamin Hermansen’s memorial, which he described as an example of the existence of hatred.

“Ten years ago, we met hatred with love. But the hatred is still there. We saw this when the memorial for Benjamin Hermansen was desecrated in the most repugnant way,” the former PM and Labor leader noted in his speech in Oslo Cathedral.

He also mentioned the attack on the Al-Noor mosque in Bærum, and the fact that July 22 survivors are still threatened with death.

This week, a passer-by discovered that the memorial to Benjamin Hermansen at Holmlia in Oslo had been vandalized with the inscription “Breivik was right.” Local residents washed and sanded away the message swiftly.

The vandalism was condemned by a number of people across the political spectrum. So far, the police have no suspects.

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1 Comment on "Stoltenberg: No room for compromises in the face of terrorism"

  1. Maybe, then, Jens would like to explain why he hasn’t demanded a more thorough investigation into NATO Chief Auditor and Terrorism Financing Investigator Yves Chandelon’s 23Dec16 questionable death in Andenne Belgium SE of Brussels.
    The authorities claimed suicide, but for 3 obvious reasons it was not:
    1. The pistol used to kill him was unregistered. He had 3 of his own pistols of which he was proud, and if you were committing suicide you’d want a “friend” to do it.
    2. The pistol was in the wrong hand.
    3. His family bitterly disputes he was at all suicidal.

    There was a “farewell note” found with him, but I haven’t seen that it was verified by handwriting experts to have been his. (Clinton Chief of Staff and prospective prime Whitewater witness’s “suicide note” was found by 3 experts to be a forgery.)

    If Chandelon *did* write the note, why? Was it to protect his family from dying in a “murder-suicide” like those one-too-many-to-be-believed of American dissidents Philip Marshall (9/11) and David Crowley (The Gray State film) and their families during Obama&Biden?

    And what about the West’s support of ISIS and al Nusrah/Qaeda terrorists in Iraq (to justify getting us back in there), Libya (with which NATO had something to do), and Syria? Did one of them or someone from Saudi Arabia or Israel or the West kill Chandelon, by any chance?

    Words are cheap, Jens. Only actions count.

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