Much noise and complaints in the summer night

Summer Night Party. Red Wine.Summer Party. Red Wine. Photo:

Much noise and complaining on the first proper summer night

In many places police officials about a lot of bickering and minor violence between pub goers, festival attendants and neighbours with different needs for music volume in the summer night.


– It is the first real summer weekend night, when it gets like this. It is the combination of many festivals, nice, warm weather that draws people out on the town and a lot of alcohol. Then there is bound to be a lot of arguing throughout the night, says Martin Schie to NTB. Schie is Operation Manager in the East Police District.

The Østfold police have four cities to keep track of: Moss, Sarpsborg, Halden and Fredrikstad. They report of fighting in parks, arguing outside pubs, and overly intoxicated people.

– We have had a little more to do tonight than on a regular summer night. In addition to the fact that many people are out in the city, it has been extra hot, and then people open the windows at home, and there are therefore a lot of complaints about loud music. We simply do not have time to follow up all the complaints we receive, says Schie.

He is not alone

– The nice weather we received on Friday night, gave us a summer night we have dreamed about, the Telemark police tweets.

Also there a lot of partying was going on.

– Not everyone appreciated the festivities and especially the volume of the music, they write and add that there were many more than normal who contacted the police complaining that they could not sleep due to noise.


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