Support increases for a new Brexit referendum

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There are many more who support having a new Brexit referendum than there are opposed to it, shows a new poll.


Approximately 47% of 5,000 respondents say they support the idea of a new referendum. 34% were opposed in the poll,made by ICM for The Guardian newspaper.

The government has already ruled out a new referendum.

UKIP’s Nigel Farage, and one of the Tory party’s donors, Arron Banks, said earlier this month that there is a need for a new referendum because Prime Minister, Theresa May, had ‘betrayed the nation’ during the Brexit negotiations.

Former Prime Minister, Tony Blair (Labor), and politician, Nick Clegg (Liberal Democrats) are among those who have said they want to see a second referendum.

The date of Brexit is set for March the 29th, 2019, two years after the formal withdrawal procedure began.


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