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Norwegian dies after being attacked by a swarm of bees

bee swarm of beesBee Swarm, Photo:

Norwegian dies after being attacked by a swarm of bees in Spain

A 70-years-old Norwegian dies after being attacked by a swarm of bees in Mijas on the sun coast in Spain.


The man lived in Mijas and worked at the Norwegian church in Calahonda.

He was out for a walk when he was found dead at Riviera del Sol on Thursday by a woman who was walking her dog, writes the newspaper Sur.

According to Spaniaavisen (Norwegian newsletter), the police reports that the man was found with a shirt pulled over his face. He probably attempted to shield himself from the bees. The man was, according to the police, stung everywhere else on his body. Sources indicate that the Norwegian was stung so many times that the poison was deadly.

Nearby bee farm

400 meters away from the place north man was found, lies a bee farm consisting of 150 beehives. The police assume that the man has come too close to the hives, and that he was stung by a whole swarm when he tried to get away.

– The bees may have been more aggressive since the honey was just harvested, and because he passed too close and made noise when he heard the buzz,” says the beekeeper to Sur.

It is not known whether the beekeepers who owned the hives had set up warning signs as the law dictates


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