Teacher sues Oslo municipality after being attacked by student

Oslo Courthouse prostitutes trialOslo Courthouse.Photo. Norway Today Media

A teacher has sued Oslo municipality after he was attacked by a student in 2014 and suffered life-threatening injuries.


Clemens Saers, associate professor at Oslo Business School,was attacked by an 18 year old student who entered his classroom and demanded money from another student,according to NRK news. In a scuffle, the 18 year old ended up grabbing Saers’ throat, which was permanently injured after the incident.

The 18 year old was sentenced to 60 days imprisonment,and social punishment for two cases of violence and threat.

Saers was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder, and is currently ill. He does not think that either the school or the municipality did enough to warn him about the student.

“We, who worked at ‘Handelsgym’ had not been informed that we had such dangerous students around us. I take this matter up first and foremost because there are thousands of teachers after me who are going to experience much safer workplaces,”said Saers.

However, Toini Oulie-Hauge of the Oslo District Court, stated that the municipality had done what it could in this case.

“To be held responsible, the municipality must be proven to have acted grossly negligently, and the municipality believes there is no one who has done that,” she said.

Oulie-Hauge said the matter is sad, but the municipality doesn’t believe there is a basis for reimbursement.

On Monday, the trial will begin in Oslo District Court.


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