Tegnell: Larger immigrant population led to faster corona spread in Stockholm

Anders TegnellPhoto: Janerik Henriksson / NYHETSBYRÅN / NTB

Sweden’s state epidemiologist Anders Tegnell believes that the spread of infection at the beginning of the corona pandemic in Stockholm cannot be compared with other Nordic countries.

“The pandemic took off in Sweden in a different way than in our neighboring countries. 

“We had a huge spread in Stockholm at the beginning, which was much more similar to the spread you saw in London, Amsterdam, and Brussels, which in many ways are more similar to Sweden than our neighboring countries. 

“Stockholm and these other cities have large populations from other countries, which is important because the spread is greater and faster among these populations,” Tegnell said in an interview with the British magazine New Statesman.

According to the Swedish statistical agency Statistics Sweden and Norwegian Statistics Norway, the proportion of the population with a foreign background according to the Swedish definition, i.e., born abroad or born domestically with two immigrant parents, is about a third in both Stockholm and Oslo.

Mistakes were made

Tegnell also said that Sweden, in practice, had a lockdown on a par with neighboring countries – not because of government measures, but because the population changed their habits.

“We stopped traveling to an even greater extent than our neighboring countries. The airports had no departures, and the trains ran with meager filling rates,” the epidemiologist noted.

At the same time, Tegnell admitted to mistakes, among other things, and that the Swedish elderly care was poorly prepared for the pandemic.

“For once, we must be humble. It’s still early. We feel we have control, but that can constantly change. This disease continues to surprise us,” he said.

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  1. Love this.

    So Tegnell, apparently realizing he could be prosecuted for the criminal medical negligence of his coronavirus policy – if not prosecuted for willful* medical mass murder – now tries to blame Sweden’s/his? mass COVID death on Sweden (having so many – too many? -) immigrants.

    And according to the Swedish police there are now 40 violent criminal ethnic mafia clan/family gangs terrorizing Swedish cities … some of those families who have probably watched family members die horrible, isolated medical deaths … and might take their preventable deaths personally.

    “Out of the frying pan, into the fire” with you, Anders.

    * he admits willful: “For once, we must be humble.”

    “It’s still early. We feel we have control, but that can constantly change. This disease continues to surprise us,” he said.

    Nonsense. We knew from the very start how dangerously virulent, contagious, and deadly coronavirus was/is, and *Norway*’s Høyre/Conservative government unexpectedly and happily took the drastic lockdown action to stop it, at its start.

    Following the advice of “medical experts” like Tegnell and Giesecke, the weak-minded Lofven of the Swedish Social Democratic Party – aka Workers Party aka their own Arbeidspartei, which also opened up Sweden’s gates to indiscriminate immigration resulting in the crime and (according to Tegnell) medical crisis they are in – did not take the early, necessary drastic action.

    I definitely would not want to be in Anders Tegnell’s shoes.

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