The outbreaks of the mutated virus in Nordre Follo are connected to at least six other municipalities

Kerstin Anine Johnsen MyhrvoldPhoto: Fredrik Hagen / NTB

The infection tracers in Nordre Follo have found connections to six other municipalities in the tracing of the spread of the British virus mutation.

The Municipality is aware that the outbreaks in Nordre Follo have branches to, among other places, Oslo. 

However, no specific figures on how many people may have been infected and taken the mutated virus across the municipal border are available at the moment. 

The news was confirmed by municipal chief medical officer Kerstin Johnsen Myhrvold during a press conference on Tuesday morning.

“The outbreaks have ramifications for six other municipalities that we know of now,” Myhrvold said.

According to VG, none of the mutated coronavirus findings in Oslo can be traced to the outbreak in Nordre Follo. So far, Oslo has confirmed 19 cases of the mutated virus.

“The situation is unstable and can change very quickly. I ask that everyone is patient and stands together in the fight against the virus,” Mayor Hanne Opdan (AP) said.

On Monday night, Nordre Follo extended the closure of schools and kindergartens in the Municipality until Friday. 

Vinmonopolet and a number of other businesses will be closed for the rest of the week.

40 new cases

On Monday, 40 new cases of the British virus mutation were detected. A total of 65 cases of the mutated virus have been detected among the 250 confirmed corona cases.

The Municipality is still waiting for the results of 150 samples.

All positive samples were taken in the period from December 15 until the outbreak was detected in Nordre Follo last week.

That means that the virus might have had a lot of time to spread among the population.

“We have not received results for samples taken since Friday,” Myhrvold said.

The last 40 positive samples have revealed that the mutated virus also spread to Kolbotn school.

Several gateways

According to Myhrvold, the British virus mutation has probably reached Nordre Follo through “several gateways.” 

The Municipality has not been able to account for how the mutated virus crossed the municipal boundary in the first place.

Infection tracing is in full swing. No serious disease courses or higher mortality has been registered in relation to the English virus variant, Myhrvold emphasized.

“We do not have a complete overview of how much the infection has spread,” she added. 

A total of 25 municipalities in Eastern Norway are affected by the outbreak. 

Ten of them, including Oslo, are under very strict corona restrictions, with shops and restaurants closed. 

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