The price of the Taliban’s visit to Norway is estimated at 7 million kroner: “Disrespectful to taxpayers”

Photo: Terje Bendiksby / NTB

Progress Party (FRP) leader Sylvi Listhaug thinks it made no sense for the Norwegian government to spend NOK 7 million on the Taliban’s visit to the country.

“This is a meaningless use of taxpayers’ money… to invite the extreme terrorist organization Taliban on a luxury trip to Norway. It is a glaring example of how the government wastes our tax money,” Listhaug noted in a written comment.

On Sunday morning, she demanded an answer from the government on how much the visit would cost the state. A few hours later, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs replied that it cost NOK 3.5 million to rent the private plane that took the Taliban to Norway and that the price of the entire visit is estimated at NOK 7 million.

“Even though NOK 7 million is not a lot of money for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which manages an incredible budget of NOK 40 billion in development assistance, it is still disrespectful to taxpayers,” Listhaug stated.

She believes it is naive of the authorities to believe that the effort helps to establish a dialogue with the Taliban.

“The fact that the Norwegian authorities think it is useful to talk to extreme Islamists about human rights and women’s rights is so naive that it is like believing in Santa Claus and the Easter bunny at the same time. The Taliban came with 15 men and 0 women. That, in itself, says it all,” Listhaug noted.

A delegation from the Taliban landed at Gardermoen on Saturday night. In the course of three days, they will have talks with diplomats from Norway and other countries at the conference hotel Soria Moria in Oslo.

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