Three out of four in northern Norway wants a milder approach towards Russia

Russian flagRussian flag.Photo:Pixabay

The closer to the Russian border people live, the higher the support is for the Norwegian authorities to improve the strained relations between the countries.

In a survey Sentio made on behalf of Klassekampen among 1,500 residents in northern Norway, 76 percent of respondents are of the opinion that Norwegian authorities must do more to improve relations with Russia. In Finnmark, which borders on Russia, this is the perception among 81 percent.

On the bigger political scene there are sanctions and war of words between Norway and Russia. The Russian Embassy described relations between the countries as “not acceptable” on Friday.

Concern over relations with Russia increases somewhat with age and, not surprisingly, the political left are the most favourable towards the notion that the Government must do something about the situation.

74 percent of AP (Labour) voters are calling for something to be done, compared with 84 percent of SV (Socialistic Left)-voters and 91 percent of Rødt (Former Communist) voters.

In the political centre 85 percent of KrF (Christian Democrats) voters and 72 percent of Venstre (Liberals) supporters wants a better relationship. Among Høyre’s (Conservatives) voters 75 percent requires efforts from politicians.

The survey was made in late December 2016.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today