Poll: Trump is a threat to world peace

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70% of Norwegians believe Trump is a threat to world peace

Seven out of ten Norwegians think Donald Trump is a real threat to world peace. “His style causes uncertainty,” expert on the US says.

Dagbladet has, with the help of Ipsos, asked Norwegians to what extent they believe the US and President Donald J. Trump is a threat to world peace In recent years. Answers have varied somewhat, but have hovered around 70 per cent throughout.

Researcher and US expert at the Norwegian Department of Defence Studies, Svein Melby, thinks that the figure is high, but he is not at all surprised.

“Trump has been going on for two years, and the attitude towards him has been stuck. It is much the same pattern as in the US, where the proportion who thinks he’s doing a good job is very stable,” Melby states.

Come hell or high water

“Those who are positive remains so regardless of his antics, while the majority have a particularly critical view of him,” the researcher continues.

Melby believes that the negative attitude, that many have to the United States under Trump, has a lot to do with the person currently occupying the White House. Trump displays a stark contrast in both style and behaviour to that of previous US presidents.

“Most feel that nothing is utterly unthinkable. That breeds uncertainty, which helps to fuel such a risk assessment,” Svein Melby asserts.


Loose cannon on deck

“What worries me, purely regarding security policy, is that the United States has been a focal point in the international order, an anchor point for building international institutions and collective schemes, such as NATO and the UN,” Melby answers Dagbladet’s question on his personal view.

Melby does not believe that Trump himself will take lightly on the use of military power and initiate wars without further ado. He is rather concerned that Trump’s policy over time can reduce overall stability in Europe, which can lead to a heightened risk of war.

“He is a loose cannon on deck in this system, where the United States has been the most predictable guarantor of the scheme. That role is the United States in the process of losing,” Melby concludes.

A week on par for the course

To name but a few of the most recent controversies over the past week or so:

  • Trump has once again been accused of rape – bringing his total toll to about two dozen.
  • His (former) friendship with the multi-billionaire and convicted paedophile Epstein is also questioned.
  • Information has leaked that the British Ambassador to the US has called the Trump administration ’Inept’, widening the gap with the UK.

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