FSA warns against fake animal control

Piglets sleeping in the hay. Photo: Pixabay.com

the FSA and NFA warn against possible fake animal control

After a farmer at Høylandet allegedly has been visited by someone who pretended to be from the Animal Control, both the Norwegian Association of Farmers (NFA) and the Norwegian Food Safety Authority (FSA) ask farmers to be on their toes.

A farm at Høylandet in Trøndelag was last week allegedly visited by a car with the inscription Animal Control, writes Trønder-Avisa.

The driver of the car is said to have demanded that the farm be controlled. The farm produces piglets. A hired hand rejected the man. The incident was later reported to both the Norwegian Food Safety Authority and the Norwegian Association of Farmers.

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Fear of contagion

After the incident, the NFA in Nord-Trøndelag has sent out an email to their local members. In the email, they warn farmers to let unknown persons into their livestock housing. This, among other reasons, out of fear of contagion.

Hilde Selnes of the Norwegian Food Safety Authority in Namdal tells the newspaper that they are vigilant with respect to fake supervisory authorities following a recent ‘Brennpunkt’ (Focal Point) documentary. ‘Brennpunkt’ revealed cruelty to animals at Norwegian pig farms.

“We do not like that anyone is pretending to be a supervisory authority. If it comes as a reaction to the NRK documentary, it may mean that you visit several farms in one day. That is something we tend to be very cautious of, considering the danger of contagion,” Selnes explains.

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