TUI will shut down its base in Norway

TUI Travel logoTUI is the world's largest travel operator. they now consider shutting down their bases in the Nordic countries. Photo: TUI

TUI will shut down its Norwegian airbase

The travel operator TUI proposes to shut down its bases in Oslo, Helsinki and Malmö. 150 employees will lose their jobs as a result of this.


– This is an industry that is changing rapidly. This is a result of meeting the needs out there, says Communications Manager in TUI, Nora Aspengren, to E24.

The travel operator, formerly known as Star Tour in Norway, announces that they negotiate to leave the responsibility for their short-haul routes to Norwegian and Jettime.

According to TUI, short-haul flights from Copenhagen and Helsinki will be handled by Jettime, while flights from Oslo will be taken over by Norwegian.

The Labour union is critical

The head of TUI Nordic, Alexander Huber, says the measure is necessary to meet «customer wishes and needs» while keeping the cost level down.

– The changes we propose will not affect our customers’ existing orders, he ensures in a statement.

Nor will it affect the offer to Norwegian travellers, although it will be of great importance to the cabin crews, TUI states.

The leader of the trade union Parat Cabin, Anneli Nyberg, says the notified closure shows how tough the competition in the market is.

– When the world’s largest travel operator is unable to maintain the operation of these three bases, it shows the challenges and competitive situation in Norwegian and international aviation, Nyberg states in a press release from Parat on Tuesday.

Nothing is decided

– Unfortunately, it also shows a lack of responsibility for their own employees. Experienced and skilled cabin crew who have contributed to satisfied customers for many years are now placed on the street, Nyberg continues.

The press release from Parat states that «TUI shuts down in Norway».

The travel company explains to E24 that the closures are not finally confirmed. Therefore, they will not answer how many employees will be affected in Oslo.

– We have chosen to relate to the Nordic figures for the time being [150 distributed between Oslo, Malmö and Helsinki, journalist note] Because this is a proposal that will be handled by the union until an agreement is reached for a solution, says Aspengren.

– Nothing has been decided yet, she emphasises.


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